Light Up Lion has since the release of their debut album ”Større er du, Gud” (”Greater are You, God”, 2009) played concerts all over Denmark and performed at various conferences and festivals. The album has sold far beyond expectations, and their songs have been used wide and far around the country. A few of their songs have even topped the Danish Myspace list of most played songs and Light Up Lion has managed to become trendsetting in Danish worship music in recent years.

Since their debut in 2009, a lot has happened for Light Up Lion, both as a band and from a purely musical point of view. They have been absorbed with their music and have worked thorough with their new album “Tilbage til Haven” (“Back to the Garden”), which was released in 2012.

It was an album that surprised many with its new sound: from touching ballads with lovely harmonies, to energetic songs inspired by pop music from the 80s. The music contains fantastic details, great variations, and good flow in a way that has both renewed and challenged the perception of worship music.

Light Up Lion wishes to compose and play worship music that connects with people’s time and being without compromising on the musical quality.

It is clear that Light Up Lion is united in service. They are known for being attentive, and their music function as invitations into an intimate and honest community of worship.


Light Up Lion consists of Sidsel Klitlund Rauff (vocal), Daniel Kastrup (vocal), Thomas Heden Friis (guitar), Steffen Klitlund Rauff (synth), Dennis Knudsen (bass), and Jens Heden Friis (drums)

Offical band picture, 2014